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本文摘要:Lenovo, the world’s biggest personal computer manufacturer, swung back into the black in the second quarter despite falling revenues.尽管营收下降,全球仅次于个人电脑制造商误解(Lenovo)还是在第二季度重回盈利。


Lenovo, the world’s biggest personal computer manufacturer, swung back into the black in the second quarter despite falling revenues.尽管营收下降,全球仅次于个人电脑制造商误解(Lenovo)还是在第二季度重回盈利。Net profit improved to $152m for the three months to September 30 from a $717m loss during the same quarter in 2015. This was higher than the $87.6m profit forecast by analysts, according to Bloomberg. The results were boosted by a $206m gain from selling property and a $12m addition from the disposal of other assets.在截至9月30日的三个月里,误解的净利润从2015年同期的亏损7.17亿美元升到盈利1.52亿美元。根据彭博(Bloomberg)的众说纷纭,这一数字多达了8760万美元的分析师预期。

这一数字的提高,源于出售物业取得的2.06亿美元,以及处理其他资产扣除的1200万美元利润。The improvement in profits came despite an 8 per cent fall in revenues in the quarter, to $11.2bn. For the first half as a whole, revenues were down 7 per cent versus a year earlier at $21.3bn.盈利恶化之际,该季度营收却下降8%至112亿美元。对上半财年总体而言,营收同比下降7%至213亿美元。Revenues at the group’s core PC and smart device business fell 8 per cent in the first half to $14.8bn, as demand in the global industry was hit by uncertain macroeconomic conditions, while revenues at its mobile business was down 10 per cent year on year to $3.8bn.由于宏观经济不确定性对全球涉及产业市场需求的压制,该集团下班财年核心的PC业务及智能手机业务营收下降8%,跌到至148亿美元。

与此同时,误解移动业务同比下降10%至38亿美元。Lenovo said it retained it number one market position in PCs and insisted its mobile business is making “good progress”. The group bought Motorola’s failing handset business for $3bn in 2014 and is aiming to perform the same turnaround with that business as it did with IBM’s PC unit, which it bought a decade ago.误解回应其挽回了个人电脑市场第一的方位,并否认其移动业务已“渐渐呈现出势头”。


2014年,该集团耗资30亿美元并购了摩托罗拉(Motorola)大大下降的手机业务,想在该部门首演曾在十年前并购的IBM个人电脑部门首演过的扭亏为盈。It said the mobile business has been “stabilising” and grew in the second compared to the previous three months, with profitability driven by new products.该集团回应移动业务已“渐渐平稳”,并在新产品带给的盈利协助下,在该季度现身了环比快速增长。

Lenovo, which also has a data centre business, said it pushed through a number of measures to improve competitiveness and efficiency during the second quarter. It expects to generate savings of around $337m from “headcount and other savings”. It booked $136m of costs in its second quarter in order to achieve those savings.误解回应,曾在第二季度实行一系列措施提升其竞争力和效益,预计通过“员工数目及其他项目”共计节省大约3.37亿美元。为省下这部分支出的涉及行动,在第二季度袭港1.36亿美元支出。

The group said:Despite challenging market conditions, Lenovo is executing strategy for continued profitable growth through new products, fast-growing segments, vertical markets该集团回应:“尽管市场环境充满著挑战,误解于是以继续执行战略并通过新产品及快速增长的细分市场和横向市场以之后盈利快速增长。